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There are only so many outdated forums you can scroll through before you come to the realization that you know jack squat about the place you're moving to. 
That's the situation I was in during our cross-country move to Charlotte, NC in 2015. 

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If you’re looking for more information on what to do in Charlotte, North Carolina, the culture of Charlotte, or stuff to think about before you move to Charlotte, look no further.

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I post once a week on topics like:
  • What to do in Charlotte with kids
  • Dog-friendly places to visit in the area
  • My impressions of Charlotte
  • Stuff you should know about North Carolina
  • Funny North Carolina-isms
  • And more!
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Why did I start this blog?

My husband were lucky enough to have the choice to move wherever he wanted for his new job, and after months of difficult deliberation and prioritizing, we chose Charlotte and moved there in 2015. But it kind of felt like a blind selection. Even after our choice, I had no idea what to expect about our new home.

Coming from Utah, North Carolina was about as foreign as the Moon. Every vacation my family went on was to the West. I know things were different in the South, I just didn’t how different. I didn’t know the culture, or where to go have fun, or where to eat.

So, I decided to write down everything I’ve learned (and am still learning) in this blog to help others in my original predicament.

I need your help!

I’m always looking for interesting content to post about, so if there’s something you have a question about in or near the Charlotte area, please leave me a comment and I’ll try to answer it in another blog post!

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